Samsung Type-C Earphones AKG - white

الشركة: Samsung
كود المخزن: EC-NH-00168
KD ‏ 8.000
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Description :

Quiet design – excellent sound quality

AKG Stereo Headphones are designed with the contact facing down to help hold the headset better without having to tuck into the ear causing pain when used

Exquisite design for fashion

The Mic part is designed a little further and is made extremely thin and extremely light to prevent the Earbud from being pulled down causing discomfort.

Control buttons are designed to be soft, creating a sense of smoothness but still not losing touch.

Made from the best materials

AKG Stereo headphones are manufactured with carefully selected materials to ensure the purity of the material, helping the headphones to resist interference

extremely good signal transmission and complete sound reproduction. perfect as possible.

Highest quality standards

With specific standards of extremely strict quality from two world famous manufacturers AKG Stereo Headphones are designed and

manufactured to the highest standards of design, sound quality and durability of the product. Drive 12mm size with 32ohm impedance for ultra-deep

bass and super soft, clear Treble sound and anti-jarring, the Mid range is clear and not mixed by other frequencies.

Key Features:

Designed directly plugging port with Type-C Port

Designed for easy, comfortable listening

Anti-deception headphones design with extremely

Durable anti-breaking braided cord material

Convenient conversation microphone support

Increase or decrease the volume, transfer songs conveniently

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