Freshdays Pantyliner Normal Size Pad Individually Wrapped - 34 Pads

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Product benefits:

Give you a refreshing feeling all day long.
Improved design for maximum central absorption & full protection.
Natural cotton feels top cover for optimal softness.
Additional inner layer for higher strength & even fluid distribution.
Odor control.
High absorption the blood during the period.
Does not cause vaginal inflammation.
How to use?

Clean and wash your hands before use.
Remove Wear the cover of pads.
Remove the adhesive tape from the one side and put it on the clothes, then remove the adhesive tape from the other side and complete put it one the clothes.
Clean and wash your hands after use.
How to care for the intimate area?

Must wash the intimate area to prevent the growth the bacteria
The wash must be from front to back to prevent the transfer the bacteria from the urethra to the intimate area.
Do not use the soap or artificial wash duo to it is killed normal flora.
Must use the medicated intimate wash that keeps growth the normal flora and prevents the growth of bacteria that cause inflammation.

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